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Cherish hotel is under the management of Hoai Nam joint stock company. Its investor is the founder and operator of Camellia hotel chain in Hanoi. With stable economic strength and experienced staff, we strive to build Cherish hotel to become a professional 4-star hotel in Vietnam, achieve the tourists’satisfaction all over the world. Cherish hotel desires to bring our guests the comfort with the experience of professional hospitality services, focusing on the emotional values that guests benefit.

We believe that Cherish hotel is the first brand to connect traditional values​​, cultural heritage and contemporary tourism needs, truly bring our guests the actual and lively experiences of the cultural identity and local community.

Distance to:

Phu Bai Airport: 15 km – 20 minutes

Hue Railway Station: 2km – 5 minutes

Thuan An Beach: 12 km -20 minutes

Truong Tien Bridge: 200 m-05 minute