The values of Cherish is the accommodating amenities combined with exquisite services, caring for each customer emotions. Cherish Hotel specializes in designing the services and facilities, understands the customer’s needs, in an effort of bringing the various satisfactions to the travels.

On the 2nd floor, the fitness room is placed next to the swimming pool, equipped with Life Fitness products that for 5 star hotel standards. During the day time, our trainers are willing to guide the effective exercises.

Opening             : 6am – 10pm

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With incredible natural healing sources, Cherish Spa offers the traditional relaxation and treatment methods from Vietnam, Sweden, China… At our spa, we only use the natural herbal ingredients, and highly recommend the product Cherish Full Body Aromatherapy, that’s designed to release muscle-tensions after a long day of traveling and exploring the city.

At Cherish Spa, we are always interested in the customer’s reviews and requests for special care programs to relax or energize. Cherish Spa staff also introduce to the guests the daily special therapy packages, or exercises with Cupping, foot Massage, facial treatments, nail treatments, etc.

Opening : 9 am – 10 pm

For more information about Cherish Spa, please call 555, press Speed ​​Dial from the room phone, or contact directly with the Front Desk

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The beautiful small pool is the ideal place for you to relax. Imagine you are lying down on the couch to enjoy the sunshine after many hours immersing in the cool blue water.

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With exclusive modern art design, Cherish bar at 10th floor offers an cozy and sophisticated background for cocktails and wine.It’s the perfect place for romantic cocktails or relaxing wine. The touching sound of music will accompany you throughout your evening.

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